Angela Davis Speech

2017 ––  website, 13” x 19” unbound inkjet book

When representing Angela Davis' speech from 1972, I wanted to focus on two aspects: first, the stories she told - their backgrounds and contemporary links, and second, the breadth and emotions of this speech (which is very long!).

The first took the form of an interactive website that gives the reader history and context while reading the text.

The second takes the form of a large book: 13" wide and 19" high. The speech deals with difficult topics, from Angela's personal history and incarceration to institutional racism and prison abolition. The book mirrors this difficulty physically as it requires a large surface and both hands to flip the pages. It is unbound, which encourages the reader to explore the the speech non-linearly.

While both the book and the website present the same information, the website is more straightforward and informational, while the book invites the reader to interact emotionally.
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Updated 4.2020