works in progress, sketches, and exercises.
november 2018

Kettle stitched book about the Olympics

november 2018

Stab-bound book about the Olympics

october 2018

Accordion book about the Olympics

october 2018

My manifesto.
Risograph and laser printing on blue paper, unfolds to 11”x17”.

september 2018

I used to play violin, and now I don’t. I facetimed my little brother and instructed him how to play perpetual motion from Suzuki Violin book 1.

november 2017

App concept to gamify the experience of bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.

october 2017

Motion graphics for Kendrick Lamar’s DNA.

april 2017

The Ecstasy of Influence is an essay by Jonathan Lethem about plagiarism.

march 2017

A to-go wine and cheese box with an acrylic and wood carrying case and individual packaging for food items.

march 2017

Lower East Side neighborhood guide 

february 2017

A board game that contains a (magical and imaginary) love potion which sparks emotional intimacy, trust, closeness, and maybe even love. The questions are adapted from The New York Times' The 36 Questions That Lead to Love.

december 2016

Branding for Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

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